About Us

Camper with dogsEZ Camper OBX is a unique alternative to traditional vacation lodging. It is an idea with foundations in the journeys of owners Chris and Nicole and their fur babies, Thor and Loki, two well-traveled English Labrador Retrievers. From their honeymoon in Bar Harbor, Maine to yearly winter trips to Florida, Chris and Nicole have been traveling the east coast in their camper and then RV since they first met. They are now excited to take what they have learned from their fruitful experiences and offer Outer Banks camping experiences to vacationers. Not only is the experience much more convenient and hassle-free than traditional camping, it also provides a more cost-effective alternative to hotel rooms or beach house rentals, whether for couples or large families.

As we all know, vacations can take a toll on patience and nerves. EZ Camper OBX is Chris’s and Nicole’s answer for a fight-free holiday, which will probably save a few marriages along the way. No pulling a trailer. No giving each other directions for backing it up. No deciding who the best driver is. And no having to invite the entire¬†family on vacation with you just to get that house on the beach.

One quick comparison of EZ Camper OBX’s prices against other lodging options, and considering the easy reservation and set-up process, you may forever change the way you enjoy the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Take a look at our options and we’re sure you’ll agree!